Fatherhood and Me Time….

its not about you....


A fathers love……

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. This is always a great day for me, my wife and children always spoil me. Being a dad is a blessing for me. Don't get me wrong some days I want to throttle my kids, but only somedays lol...... Being a dad is not just a … Continue reading A fathers love……

A cup cake in the oven… 9 months in the baking !!!!

As my last post stated " caution uneven footing ahead ". You never know the path The Lord will lead you down. Back in March we had sent in our paper work excited to start our newest adoption for our newest child, the blessing of growing our family through adoption has been temporally put on … Continue reading A cup cake in the oven… 9 months in the baking !!!!

How to celebrate an anniversary…..

Well today we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. The plan was to head up to New Hampshire for the weekend and celebrate together as a family, booked the room for a few nights months ago. Well now as I type this sitting in a hospital room watching my son who is wired up for observation … Continue reading How to celebrate an anniversary…..

Happy 100 posts…and Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife.

Mother's Day a day we celebrate all the wonderful moms in our lives. But this is my 100th blog so I am going to make this special post to my loving wife and mother to our children. Jamie I still remember what she was wearing when she told me we where expecting our first child. … Continue reading Happy 100 posts…and Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife.

Binding contracts. …

In a world where we are under contracts for everything, we decided to start teaching our children about responsibility with new contracts. They all received iPods for Christmas and where thrilled and always on them playing, watching downloaded shows,face timing there friends,and messaging everyone. Then I read about a mom who made a contract for … Continue reading Binding contracts. …

The word for 2013

Well here we are the new year already underway, where does the time go? My wife asked me a few weeks ago if I could come up with a word for this year. A word that will represent the direction i would like to go this year. I had many words, phrases running through my … Continue reading The word for 2013

Happy Anniversary. …..

Well this is a few days late but non the less.... Happy anniversary to my beloved wife of twelve years. How did we spend the special day you ask? Why we spent it at our church yard sale helping our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We started the day with a special romantic breakfast … Continue reading Happy Anniversary. …..