beauty and the beast…

  In honor of this amazing movie, here is a quick photo of a cake i did for a friends birthday. a little while ago God bless


A”cake” 47

This past weekend I was honored to help my dear friends by making a cake for their Grand opening of His gun shop. Ephesian Arms located in Fall River ma Ephesian Arms. This calling from God started Matt on a journey almost over a year ago, but with a strong faith and steadfast faith. He … Continue reading A”cake” 47

Cakes cakes and even gluten free cakes…

So I have started making cakes from scratch, which makes changing them to a gluten free version is very simple. A big thank you goes out to my lovely wife and her wonderful blend of GF flour. That I used to make one of my best GF cakes ever!! Complete with a home made chocolate … Continue reading Cakes cakes and even gluten free cakes…

What a way to end a vacation

Well as time works its way down and it's back to work in a hour. I reflect upon this past week and the accomplishments. Built a new fence, repaired a few kitchen drawers,visited some dear friends then finished in a grand fashion. With a family get together for a dear friends baby shower. Had a … Continue reading What a way to end a vacation

Happy sweet thirteen…petals of purple

Well our dear friends family's daughter is becoming a teenager. Ugh gasp..... But seriously, We are so proud if her and heart for The Lord. She is an amazing young woman. I asked her favorite cake and she said red velvet with cream cheese frosting. As my niece and daughters BFFs I asked for there … Continue reading Happy sweet thirteen…petals of purple

The Homestead heroine

We are having a get together for my amazing wife's birthday so I asked the kids what kind of cake we should make. So we came up with a homestead heroine because that is what she is. Complete with a superhero version of herself "the juggler" out of modeling chocolate. Also out three chickens but … Continue reading The Homestead heroine