Fatherhood and Me Time….

its not about you....


A coach really?

One of the things I have struggled with when starting this business, is that honestly I was ashamed to say I am a coach for beach body. Not that I was embarrassed about beachbody they are great. I was looking at the fact of who would want to be helped by me, a 270 pound … Continue reading A coach really?

A cup cake in the oven… 9 months in the baking !!!!

As my last post stated " caution uneven footing ahead ". You never know the path The Lord will lead you down. Back in March we had sent in our paper work excited to start our newest adoption for our newest child, the blessing of growing our family through adoption has been temporally put on … Continue reading A cup cake in the oven… 9 months in the baking !!!!

Cakes cakes and even gluten free cakes…

So I have started making cakes from scratch, which makes changing them to a gluten free version is very simple. A big thank you goes out to my lovely wife and her wonderful blend of GF flour. That I used to make one of my best GF cakes ever!! Complete with a home made chocolate … Continue reading Cakes cakes and even gluten free cakes…

What a way to end a vacation

Well as time works its way down and it's back to work in a hour. I reflect upon this past week and the accomplishments. Built a new fence, repaired a few kitchen drawers,visited some dear friends then finished in a grand fashion. With a family get together for a dear friends baby shower. Had a … Continue reading What a way to end a vacation

The Homestead heroine

We are having a get together for my amazing wife's birthday so I asked the kids what kind of cake we should make. So we came up with a homestead heroine because that is what she is. Complete with a superhero version of herself "the juggler" out of modeling chocolate. Also out three chickens but … Continue reading The Homestead heroine