Still clinging on to my thirties…..

As my birthday has arrived I take a step back to reflect in this past year. A lot had happened this year, some friends have come and some have gone, I find this more and more as you grow older. I Have taken on more responsibly with taking care of my dad. I come to … Continue reading Still clinging on to my thirties…..


How to celebrate an anniversary…..

Well today we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. The plan was to head up to New Hampshire for the weekend and celebrate together as a family, booked the room for a few nights months ago. Well now as I type this sitting in a hospital room watching my son who is wired up for observation … Continue reading How to celebrate an anniversary…..

The word for 2013

Well here we are the new year already underway, where does the time go? My wife asked me a few weeks ago if I could come up with a word for this year. A word that will represent the direction i would like to go this year. I had many words, phrases running through my … Continue reading The word for 2013