Time marches on, and sometimes sadness too…..

IMG_1629Smile and wave boys, smile and wave….sometimes thats all you can do…

so I had to have this conversation with one of my children the other day….about loss, loss of friendships , they where sad about not seeing certian friends anymore. Why does this happen they asked. I don’t know i said but in life sometimes the older you become the more loss of one kind or another happens… I opened up to them explaining that they are not alone and that I also am saddened and hurt from loss in our lives. I explained that I too have lost many great friends or at least at the time I would have considered them my great friends. It hurts I know …. I hate having to  explaine this to my kids I wish they could be protected and shielded from this. I wish that they would be in that small % that find their best friend at the age of five and continue to remeness  about that fact when they are in there 70’s…

I figure when it comes to loss and hurt from friends we have two options when this happens, we can shut our hearts to all who come into our lives not allowing that heartbreaks to happen, sounds good right but then you would never feel that joy, that joy that comes from connecting to that special someone who you have that instant connection with that bond that best friends have…you know that special connection when you can finish each other’s …….

sandwiches …lol

The option is you can choose to risk the heartbreak and open your heart to other. To love them like family and pour your best into your realationship. Yes you may get hurt but you may also get back what you put in and then some. I believe we where created to love on another and to love like you want to be loves whole heartedly. So yes as I am continued to be bless with added years to my life I sometimes find myself  looking back. Back on my past friendships some that just weren’t meant to be, some that still hurt when i think about them and others that I know where just there for a season in my life. Even though i have had some really bad endings to some friendships I will always try and look on the highlight reel of that realationship and try to remember the good things and blessings that came with it. That helps a little . And like the loss of a family member, the loss of a friends are so tough at times. As I tell some people at my job it never gets easier, you just get used to it a little more every day. So I pray to you if this is you and You have felt hurt and saddened by a loss of a great friendship I implore you not to give up on friendship, i pray that you will see the good from this and carry it onto your next realationship and pour all you are into it.

“Are you in a situation that wants to eat you alive? Are you finding yourself with less and less hope each day? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with regret over what you have lost?

if this describes your sistuation, them I want nothing more than to remind you that Jesus is with you.  He is right there with you now! And i want you to fully know that because He is with you, His power and grace are with you. And His power and grace will comfort you.

God sometimes calls us to walk through the valley. I cant promise that life will be without wind,clouds and rain. But i can promise that you don’t have to walk through the valley of loss alone. If you will cast your eyes upon Jesus Christ, He will meet you where you are so keep walking. Don’t throw on the towel. Don’t say you cant make it, because God will make it with you. you don’t walk this road alone. ” -from a devotional

Lord who is creator of all things ,  the Lord who holds all things in His hands Nothing that i have lost in my life came as a suprise to you Lord. You area aware of ALL and You sovereignty allowed this to happen. Help restore my trust and hope where it has been broken. Give me a heart that longes for Your will in my life. And please help me transition my thoughts off of what I have last and onto the promises I have in You – with one of those promises being that You will never leave me nor forsake me. In Christs name


So we may just be throwing on a smile when you go out because we don’t want people to see us hurting. That’s ok we all have times of sadness and loss our lives, we just because we call ourselves christians does not mean we are always happy….We all go things for a reason, we may or may not ever know why until we meet our Lord the only thing we can do is continue to love like Christ. And to know that our Lord is always with us through all we go through….and that is what we tale solace intone Promises of our Lord and Savour Amen…..

God belss



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