A Merry Christmas to all…

Well here we are Christmas Eve morning, 

And up way before dawn. On a sleep schedule that is still a mess lol… But thankful for this time to sit and commune with the Lord to stop in all the hectic ness and remember what Christmas is all about. 

About a birth of a baby that was born to redeem me….. and all of us. 

On this day Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas Day, don’t forget to invite the birthday boy to His own party.  Remember the reason for the season. The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Merry Christmas to all on this day and may you be given the wisdom and blessings to see the joy in this life, to see the blessings God gives us in our lives. 

I take this time to be thankful for the friends and family  I have been blessed with this year. I also pray for those who mourn the loss of loved ones this year, I pray that even though we may be filled with sorrow at the loss of our loved ones we can still see the joys they have filled our life’s with, to know that through the love, compassion and strength of our Lord we can move forward never forgetting them , rather remembering them in our traditions this Christmas season the loves that have shared with us over the years during this time of year. 

This Christmas my prayer is that of forgiveness that we an all remember that this life is short too short at times to not hold grudges against each other as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviur  Jesus Christ that we may also remember what He has done for us, the sins that He has died to pay for . That if Jesus can die for all my sins what right do I have not to forgive someone else’s. Reconnect with loss family and shine the light of Jesus through our actions and words, I know I fail at this a lot…we all do but never give up trying stop trying Jesus has never given up on us….

Lord I Lift up those who are hurting and pray for your hands of comfort to be felt upon them this Christmas season I pray for reconnection fo family and friends and to bless the realationship s we have with you Lord I pray that you use us mightily  to spread your word this Christmas season and throughout the year to be the Light You have called us to be, I pray for those who just need to know someone lives them I pray that they know they are never alone  and that You Lord are always in control and always with us because your word tells us you will never leave us or forsake us. Lord I thank you for the belessings in my life for the lord joy of the reconnection of family for the additions of my family this year 

God bless to all and to all a very Mery Christmas 


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  1. Grammy says:

    Love this Jon💜and you all💜

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