Am I blue …..

O I am. It trying out for the blue man group,

Just painting my house……

What a great day started out with a great devotional men’s group at Grace Gospel church..

Then on to Home Depot for 5 gallons of paint…. have spent a whole scrapping and prepping so today was paint day.

Thanks to my day for he huge save with his paint sprayer. Applied 4 gallons of paint thisafter on….

All while my amazing Wife held down he fort cleaning, organizing, cooking dinner all in between the littles meltdowns and grumps. She is the best. Always puts herself last. I am truly blessed to be yoked with such a superwoman. So maned up and tackled my house feeing accomplished and tired lol… but positive note never fell of the roof or ladder lol. So kept it vertical today like we studied in the men’s group.  God is good. 

God bless here are before and after pics …..

Not fully done have to trim out the windows and such but getting there 2/3 done my boss “man cub let me call it a day after 6 hrs lol he was happy he got to try the sprayer …#homested #bluehouseontheleft #manup #mymandare #bondingtime #lovemywifeshesthebesteveA


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