The Man Dare

Good morning y’all,

So this amazing company I have been blessed to join #itworks. Launched the new #mandare products this past summer. The great thing about this is the community and the support that goes with it. It’s. It just being physically fit but also about being the in the best health, be the better husband , better father better man. This Mandare is daring us to expand our lives. To stop getting by. To become the Man God created us to be…. I am so excited to be on this journey., while I may have fallen off the wagon, on the healthy eating and exercise due to me… no excuses. I am on my way to a healthier and best me I can be…..

So as I head to my men’s bible study this morning I take this moment to thank the Lord for bringing this It Works family into my life. To challenge me to #manup …

So I also challenge all the Men out there. Are you the best you can be?

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Get healthier?

Pray about it and if you want more info on how to join the Mandare let me know. 

Love my new #mandare tee also 

God bless everyone 

#myitworksadventure #itwors #themandare #bethemanGodintended #youareGodsfirstrounddraftpick


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